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    Why Should I Install Wood Windows?

    From historic homes to newer constructions, wood windows still afford you with design flexibility and a purely natural look, packaged with proven durability, a small environmental footprint, and a high return-on-investment. After 13 years in business, crews from Diamond Builders still install a good number of wood windows in residential and business buildings in-and-around the Los Angeles area. Although wood windows require more TLC than other materials, if sealed properly they deliver unsurpassed beauty, a warm, classic feel, and good insulating properties that protect your structure and reduce your energy usage. Here are some additional reasons why you should install wood windows in your structure:

    It’s true that wood windows cost more than other materials, but properly maintained wood windows are very durable, energy efficient, and save you money in the long-haul, delivering a high ROI over the years.

    Wood can be cut in virtually any size or shape, and painted or stained in any color imaginable. You can also have some intricate designs added, like crown moldings, scroll work, or carvings, to make it more interesting to onlookers. There are customized wood windows out there to match the desired look and feel of your home or business, from classic to contemporary.

    Wood windows hold up very well against outside elements, including heat, cold, rain or sunlight. Unlike metal windows, which expand and contract during temperature fluctuations, wood keeps its shape better throughout the year. This helps reduce seal failures, which can allow hot air to enter your home and drive up energy costs.

    Oftentimes wood windows get a bad rap for not being upkeep-free like other materials, and if they’re not adequately sealed you could see damage from the weather or insects. But today’s wood windows feature reliable, long-lasting sealants which only require some annual care using a household dish soap and soft cloth. Keep them clean, and your wood windows should stay sealed for many years to come.

    No material looks as natural and beautiful as wood, and wood windows give your structure a clean, classic appearance that can’t be duplicated. For older home and business structures, wood is by far your best option to blend with the overall feel and look. Wood windows also contribute to higher resale values later and thus serve as a wise investment.

    Your Worry-Free Wood Window Installation Experts!When you’ve made the choice to install wood windows in your home or business property, contact the installation experts at Diamond Builders first!

    We provide project-proven window installation services for a variety of materials, including wood.  After many years and 100s of jobs, we’ve established a reputation in Los Angeles and Ventura County for delivering beautiful handiwork backed by reliable customer care and reasonable prices.  Our installers are all licensed, bonded and insured, and all our projects come with a one-year warranty to make your experience as stress-free as possible.  If we can answer your questions about the benefits of installing wood windows, find you a reputable window supplier in this area, or if you’d like to schedule a FREE initial window measurement and estimate, please contact us today!