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  • Fiberglass Windows

    Why Should I Install Fiberglass Windows?

    During the past 13 years of installing windows, we’ve noticed at Diamond Builders a huge increase in the number of commercial and residential clients we’ve assisted who’ve ordered fiberglass windows for their homes or businesses due to the material’s many benefits. Fiberglass is trusted enough to be used for boat hulls and chemical storage tanks because it holds up so well when exposed to certain environmental factors, including salt water and excessive heat. As a highly energy efficient material, fiberglass also delivers many other positives when used in window frames, such as:

    Fiberglass delivers superior weatherability and corrosion resistance against many chemicals and salt water.

    Due to the fact fiberglass is a synthetic material, its composite design allows for flexible customization, for example when ordering window frames, numerous color choices are available to create your ideal colors and finish.

    Fiberglass features a very low thermal conductivity coefficient. What that means is that it won’t conduct heat or cold, which makes it a highly energy efficient product. It also doesn’t conduct electricity, so if your home or business is threatened by lightening your windows won’t transmit the electrical charge to the rest of the structure.

    Used in the body panels of high-performance sports cars for years, fiberglass is very light and durable in comparison to other window materials. Also compared to other construction materials, fiberglass offers a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio.

    Fiberglass window frames are exceptionally strong and durable, and will withstand all types of weather conditions. Pound-for-pound, it is more rigid and strong than nearly any other kind of window material.

    Ventura County’s Fiberglass Window Installation Experts!When it’s time to install fiberglass windows in your new to older property in Los Angeles or Ventura County, call the installation team at Diamond Builders!

    We deliver premium window installations for all products, including fiberglass.  For over 13 years, we’ve been using a reliable process that leads to attention-getting results, combined with exceptional customer service and budget-sensitive rates.  Our crews are all highly-trained and experienced, and we top-off our projects with a one-year warranty to give you peace-of-mind.  If we can answer your questions about the many positives of a fiberglass window installation, help you find a good window dealer in this area, or if you’d like to schedule a FREE initial window consultation, please click here to speak with one of our experts now!