It’s a new year, and we’re obsessed about the beginnings of things. That’s why we’re dedicating a blog post to the front door, where your home essentially begins. We love how these four homes embraced their own style and made a great first impression, and hope they inspire you as they did us.

Which one is your favorite?

A balanced entrance.

Even though this door opens to a home across the pond, we can take so many cues from our British designers. From the symmetry of the arborvitae to that perfectly poised shade of steely blue, the simplicity of this front door allows its trimwork and moldings a chance to play with light and shadow, inviting you in with a sense of refined playfulness. The chrome sconces don’t call attention to themselves in the daylight, and your eye goes right where it should, to the center doorknob in the middle of the six-panel door.

In or out?

This home has a long welcome mat, and it’s awesome. With boarding plants, a deep-set alcove, a dark house color, pavers that look like a rug runner, you already feel like you’re inside the house before you even reach the red front door. The unadorned windows on the door give the impression that this home has nothing to hide, that all who come are welcome, and good things await. (It’s not a stretch to wish more homes were like that.)

Line up and enter.

This front door has everything all lined up. There is a peacefulness in the parallel lines, which are repeated in the deck, the planter, the siding, the door windows, and even the perpendicular welcome mat. And all lines lead to the door. The end result stays clean even with the occasional pair of muddy boots.

An exciting opening act.

From the front steps to the painted porch ceilings and accented soffits, this happy house gives the impression of a good time, but a relaxing one. Bold plants and that delightful little skirting at the base of the tile work showcase a naturally playful side. Join you for a splash at the beach? Don’t mind if we do.

Your front door can say a lot about your style and your home. What does your front door say?