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    What Can I Expect when Installing Fiberglass Doors?

    Without question, the fastest growing type of doors that we professionally install at Diamond Builders is fiberglass. That’s partly due to the fact fiberglass doors now come in a plethora of styles, including varieties that can be stained or painted as you wish. We’ve even done fiberglass door installations around Los Angeles and Ventura County with doors that have wood grain-like finishes, and others where the doors have had a smooth finish. Fiberglass is also a very good insulator against the intense heat we experience during our Southern California summers, and that means lower utility bills for home and business owners! As a highly energy efficient material, doors crafted from fiberglass further deliver these other benefits to users:

    Fiberglass doors are now available in numerous color options, and many can even be painted or stained to suit your personal tastes.

    Used in sports car bodies and speed boat hulls because of its strength and rust-inhibiting qualities, fiberglass is also resistant to dents, dings, fire and heat. In fact, it won’t rust even when exposed to salt water for long periods of time!

    Fiberglass doors don’t absorb moisture like wood, won’t conduct electricity, heat or cold like other materials, nor will they warp. They do an exceptional job of insulating your structure’s interior against the elements, which means lower utility bills month-after-month.

    Although as strong as aluminum, fiberglass doors take much less effort and money when it comes to long-term upkeep and maintenance when compared to their aluminum counterparts.

    It’s true that fiberglass doors are more expensive than most others, but they also provide a very high ROI when you factor in their low upkeep, durability, and the overall property resale value boost they will deliver to your home or business.

    Value-Added Fiberglass Door Installations Since 2005When you’ve made the choice to have some fiberglass doors professionally installed in your Los Angeles or Ventura County commercial or residential property, contact the pros at Diamond Builders!

    Since 2005, we’ve been providing transformative fiberglass door installations using a value-added formula backed by friendly, honest customer service, installers that are licensed, bonded and insured, and a rock-solid warranty topped off with affordable rates and prompt response times.  To learn more about the benefits of installing fiberglass doors in your home or business, or to speak to one of our fiberglass door experts, please contact Diamond Builders today!