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    Is an Aluminum Door Installation Right for Me?

    Most sliding and hinged glass doors are made from aluminum because it’s a very lightweight and strong material. And at Diamond Builders, we are asked quite frequently by home and business owners around the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas to perform our expert door installation services on aluminum doors. That’s because the Southern California climate is conducive to this type of material, although aluminum can rust over time if your property sits near the ocean. One advantage an aluminum door offers over other materials is its very attractable price, along with the fact it’s an eco-sustainable material that recycles easily. In addition to these features, here are some other reasons why consumers choose aluminum doors for their residential or commercial structures:

    Aluminum doors used to only come in a limited number of color choices. With the advent of powder coatings, aluminum door colors now are available in a generous pallet of selections to match any home or business’ style and décor.

    Aluminum doors are among the least-expensive out there, which make them a great choice for budgets of any size.

    Aluminum is a material that can be manufactured to the desired specs for any door shape or design you can think of. Although its appearance doesn’t have the elegance of natural wood, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your aluminum door dreams, with or without glass!

    Used in beverage cans because of its high environmental sustainability, aluminum can be easily recycled and used over-and-over again to help keep our planet’s ecosystem cleaner.

    Commercial airliner bodies and frames are constructed from aluminum alloys, which is an indication of its combination of strength and light weight. Although it can rust and conduct electricity, aluminum doors are more durable over the long haul than wood or vinyl.

    Worry-Free Aluminum Door Installations Start Here! If you own a home or business in the Southern California area, and have decided to put some aluminum doors in that new or existing property, why worry about how they’ll look afterwards? Instead, call the door installation pros at Diamond Builders today and we’ll get the job done right promptly and affordably.

    Our job-tested crew members are all licensed, bonded and insured to put your mind at-ease, we use an open and honest customer service approach, and all our installations are backed for one year by an ironclad warranty. We can also help you find a good door supplier nearby, and always offer FREE door measurements and estimates. If you’d like to get started today, reach out to Diamond Builders and we’ll make sure the job’s done right!